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Reducing Poverty and Inequality Through Preschool-to-Third-Grade Preventions Services

Reynolds, A. J., Ou, S.-R., Mondi, C. F., & Giovanelli, A. 

September 2019

Dosage Effects in the Child-Parent Center PreK-to-3rd Grade Program: A Re-Analysis in the Chicago Longidudinal Study

Ou, S. Arteaga, I. Reynolds, A.J. 

June 2019

Can Intensive Early Childhood Intervention Programs Eliminate Income-Based Cognitive and Achievement Gaps? 
Greg J. Duncan, Aaron J. Sojourner 

December 2011

Measuring the High School Graduation Rate in the Ninth Federal Reserve District 
Wonho Chung, Rob Grunewald 

November 2011

The Public Returns to Public Educational Investments in African American Males 
Levin, Henry 

April 2007

Child Interventions That May Lead to Increased Economic Growth 
Wolfe, Barbara, Tefft, Nathan 

February 2007

Multiple Inference and Gender Differences in the Effects of Preschool: A Reevaluation of the Abecedarian Perry Preschool and Early Training Projects 
Anderson, Michael 

February 2007

Head Start Participation and Childhood Obesity 
Frisvold, David 

February 2007

What Works, Wisconsin: What Science Tells Us About Cost-Effective Programs for Juvenile Delinquency Prevention 
Small S., Reynolds, A., O'Connor, C., Cooney, S. 

January 2007

Preschool Education, Educational Attainment, and Crime Prevention: Contributions of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills 
Temple, J., Reynolds, A., Ou, S. 

October 2006

PK-3 Education: Programs and Practices that Work in Children's First Decade 
Reynolds, A., Magnuson, K., Ou, S. 
PDF icon DP-105

August 2006

The Productivity Argument for Investing in Young Children  
Heckman J., Masterov, D. 
PDF icon DP-104

August 2006

Standardized Classroom Observations From Pre-K to 3rd Grade: A Mechanism For Improving Access To Consistently High Quality Classroom Experiences and Practices During the P-3 Years 
Pianta, R. 

August 2006

Effects of a School-Based, Early Childhood Intervention on Adult Health and Well Being: A 20-Year Follow Up of Low-Income Families 
Reynolds, A., Temple, J., Ou, S., Robertson, D., Mersky, J., Topitzes, J., Niles, M. 
PDF icon DP-102

August 2006

Dominance In Preschool Classrooms: Change Across A School Year 
Pellegrini, A., Roseth, C., Mliner, S., Bohn, C., Ryzin, M., Vance, N., et al. 
DP-101PDF icon dp101.pdf

January 2006