The briefs below consist of two-page summaries of early childhood development topics of interest to scholars, practitioners, and policy-makers. Topics include:

Adverse Childhood Experiences Learn more about Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACECs, and their importance in refining early childhood interventions and understanding adult outcomes. 

Aligned Curriculum and Collaborative Leadership Learn more about how aligned curriculum and collaborative leadership affect student achievement.

Class Size Learn more about the importance of class size and what is known about the impact of class size on early childhood outcomes.

Full-day Preschool Learn more about the benefits of full-day preschool over part-day preschool.

High-quality Preschool Learn more about the importance and components of high-quality preschool. 

Pay for Success Learn more about Pay for Success funding, otherwise Social Impact Bonds, and its use to support the expansion of CPC P-3. 

Sustaining Gains Learn more about early childhood intervention effect fade-out and what has been learned about how to structure programs for lasting effects. 


CPC P-3 Overview Learn about the CPC P-3 model and its core elements. 

CPC P-3 and ESSA: A crosswalk for implementation Learn more about how the CPC P-3 program aligned with Every Student Succeeds Act standards.