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Does early childhood education enhance parental school involvement in second grade?: Evidence from Midwest CPC Program

By: Nishank Varshney, Sangyoo Lee, Judy A. Temple, & Arthur J. Reynolds

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"This paper examines the impact on parent involvement in second grade in the Midwest Child-Parent Centers (MCPC), a high-quality preschool-to-third-grade school reform model. A new focus of research on early childhood programs is understanding how early childhood learning gains can be sustained. Two-generation programs that provide diverse family services may be one approach."

Preschool Education and School Completion

By: Suh-Ruu Ou & Arthur Reynolds 

Full PDF available for download on ResearchGate

"Preschool programs for children at risk can lead to higher levels of school completion. The effects of preschools will be more likely to persist if learning gains are reinforced and supported by family and school experiences after the end of program participation."

Early Childhood Education and Adult Depression: An Attrition Reanalysis With Inverse Propensity Score Weighting

By: Christina F. Mondi, Arthur J. Reynolds, & Brandt A. Richardson

Originally published by the National Library of Medicine

"Depression exerts significant burdens on individuals and society and disproportionately affects low-income individuals. CPC and similar programs lay important foundations for lifelong well-being, including mental health."

Child development as social action: Reflections on four underrated contributions of Edward Zigler to science and society

By: Arthur J. Reynolds

Published through the National Library of Medicine

"In a career spanning six decades, Edward Zigler redefined developmental psychology as the equal integration of scientific inquiry and evidence with social policy formulation and analysis to improve child well-being. Besides early childhood intervention and policy, for which he devoted most of his time, Dr. Zigler did pioneering work in education and school reform, social policy, prevention, child maltreatment, family support, developmental disabilities, and in service to government."

Cost Benefit Analysis of CPC at Age 37

By: Nishank Varshney 

"Parental involvement has been recognized as an integral component of high-quality early childhood education programs, Our latest research has found that Midwest Child-Parent Centers (MCPC) participation was associated with significantly greater parent involvement in school at the end of second grade."

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