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New Blog Post on Highly Effective Lesson Planning

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Gwendolyn Graham, a previous CPC head teacher, demonstrates how high-quality lesson planning makes a significant difference in learning for students (and parents). HCRC is grateful for her expertise and passion for teaching, which we are using to guide our research.

Latest Evidence Matters Post

Mirinda Morency explains the importance of psychological well-being in early childhood for the newest HCRC Evidence Matters blog. Check back often to see more of the research HCRC is working on!

Evidence Matters Post

Current Humphrey School student Jo Rutkiewicz discusses the potential of collaborative leadership in Minnesota's current early childhood education expansion efforts. 

Come back soon for more Evidence Matters blog posts on HCRC's current research.

Social Determinants of Health in the CLS

In partnership with the Chicago Longitudinal Study (CLS), HCRC is exploring how the conditions people live in influence their health and well-being across the lifespan. These conditions, shaped by laws, policies, and the distribution of power & resources, are considered social determinants of health (SDoH) as they lead to the pronounced differences in health outcomes, or health inequities, present around the world.

Upcoming Lunchtime Talk

Join the Humphrey School and HCRC for a joint Lunchtime Talk on March 15, from noon to 1 pm. 

What is the role of the Minnesota Department of Education in addressing the achievement gap?

Join us for a presentation of the new report by the Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor. Humphrey faculty member Judy Temple will moderate this presentation given by Humphrey alum Sarah Delacueva and her OLA colleagues. This event is co-sponsored with the Human Capital Research Collaborative as part of its lunch-time talk series.

CLS COVID Survey Evidence Matters Post

The Pandemic’s Impact on Participants in the Chicago Longitudinal Study at Midlife

HCRC's new Evidence Matter blog post is now available. This summary of the CLS COVID Survey results provides the perspective of CLS participants on the pandemic and social unrest. The full report is available here.

October Lunchtime Talk

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Check out the most recent HCRC Lunchtime Talk, which included three different presentations in one hour. Co-Directors Arthur Reynolds and Judy Temple start the conversation with updates on HCRC's current and future initiatives. Lisa Barnidge then discusses integrating services within the different Minnesota State Departments from the perspective of the Department of Human Services. Amanda Varley finishes the talk with the current projects she's working on at the Minnesota Department of Education. The discussion centers on integration and how it benefits future developments in the early childhood field. 

Full SRCD Presentation

HCRC 2021 SRCD Presentation

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HCRC Announces Three New Initiatives to Promote Evidence-Based Programs and Policies for Young People

Evidence Matters Blog provides short commentaries and analyses on public policy topics, under-prioritized needs and emerging directions, and research news affecting young people, birth to age 20. The first two pieces are on the Childcare Workforce and the 10 Essential Elements of Early Childhood Programs.

HCRC Summer Research Interns Program

  • Supports two graduate students (50% time) beginning in 2021 to advance scholarship on the influence of structural elements of early childhood program effectiveness and/or reducing structural inequalities associated with multilevel poverty, segregation, discrimination & racism, and related socio-structural barriers. 
  • Priority is placed on factors and systems of influence identified in the 10 Essential Elements.

Pilot Matching Grants Program with Community Partners

  • supports the implementation of evidence-based structural elements of early childhood programs as identified in the 10 Essential Elements. 
  • One or two 50/50 matching grants with community partners will be sponsored at fixed costs. Formative evaluation is included and capacity for sustainability.

For more information on these new intiatives, click the pdf below.

Recent News

Early childhood education continues to be a high priority across the nation. Total public funding at all levels now exceeds $30 billion annually (Council of Economic Advisers, 2016), which amounts to a doubling of investment over the past two decades (U.S. General Accounting Office, 1999), while public-private sector initiatives, such as Pay for Success, have also helped expand access (Temple & Reynolds, 2015).

Friday, November 22, 2019 - 2:15pm

Providing better quality and more intensive public education for children from poor and at-risk backgrounds can significantly increase their chances at ending the cycle of poverty.

Research conducted on a long-term data set from some of Chicago’s most-challenged neighborhoods has found that four to six years of educational interventions in a child’s life ended up producing enormous benefits by the time the children made it into early adulthood.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 2:45pm

Although substantial investments in early childhood intervention have continued, whether gains are sustained past kindergarten for routinely implemented programs is a critical research need. HCRC researchers performed a re-analysis of data from the Chicago Longitudinal Study to investigate the effects of program duration from preschool to 3rd grade on school outcomes and whether the effects differ by gender. 

Friday, June 28, 2019 - 9:00am


Lunchtime Talks pic from Linda

Spend a lunchtime hearing from and interacting with experts on varying topics related to well-being throughout the life course, policy, and social issues. Talks are free, open to the public, and are currently being hosted on Zoom.

Most Recent Talk: Tuesday, March 15th, 2022

What is the role of the Minnesota Department of Education in addressing the achievement gap?

Join us for a presentation of the new report by the Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor. Humphrey faculty member and HCRC co-director Judy Temple will moderate this presentation given by Humphrey alum Sarah Delacueva and her OLA colleagues. This event is co-sponsored with the Humphrey School.

Check out previous Lunch-Time Talks.

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